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Mr. Good Vape (The Godfather of Vaping) a southern California based company was conceived in 2010 and realized as a packaged product in 2012. The idea behind Mr. Good Vape from its two co-founders Gary Riddle and Chris Davis was to create something that was for people that truly enjoyed max flavor and Vaping as a whole. The two co-founders have been friends for many years and have been involved in other business ventures in the past together. Both with their own interests talents and experiences this combination is sure to bring Mr. Good Vape to the forefront of the Vaping community.

Mr. Good Vape was always supposed to be a fun company, with sweet fruit and candy like flavors. Similar to Jelly Belly Candy company or Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream company. The passion that goes into the strategy, design, presentation, marketing efforts, product names and of course the flavor profiles are of the best possible processes.

Mr. Good Vape sees it self as a company that wants to be connected to the individuals that Vape their products by answering questions and talking to people through their site, social media and offices. Mr. Good Vape was created as an open forum for flavors and pallets and will not be limited in its efforts to create a variety of delicious releases in the years to come.


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